frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to common questions regarding our products, and shop. 

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Where are Noa & Co products made?

Our products are proudly South African and manufactured in KwaZulu-Natal.
How can I enjoy my Noa & Co products?
Convenience and versatility are two of our most important perks! You can enjoy your favourite Noa & Co supplement however you choose. Why not check out our packaging for more ideas? Alternatively, check out our recipes tab for some inspiration.
I have a gluten allergy, can I use Noa & Co products?
Do your products contain dairy?
None whatsoever. All Noa & Co products are dairy-free, which means they contain no lactose, whey, casein or milk derivatives.
Do you use artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavours or colourants?
Our goal is to keep our supplements free from anything artificial, so you’ll never find unnatural additives in Noa & Co.
I’m vegan, are your products suitable for me?
Our protein powders are completely plant-based and ideal for vegans. Our Collagen Creamer, however, is made from Bovine collagen peptides and is not vegan-friendly. As soon as we find a suitable alternative, you’ll be the first to know!
I’m a pregnant/breastfeeding mom, is Noa & Co safe for me and my baby?
All of our products are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding moms but we do understand that no two journeys are ever the same. As a result, we suggest speaking to your doctor to be totally sure.
How do I know when my order is on its way?
When your order is in transit, we’ll send you an email with all the details you need to know to track your delivery.
How long will my order take to reach me?
Your order should be with you in 3-5 working days.
Am I able to cancel my order?
Unfortunately, we do not allow cancellations but should anything be wrong with your order, we do allow returns.
Do you offer international shipping?
Not at the moment, but we are in the process of bringing Noa & Co to our international customers. Watch this space for more details.


Where does Noa & Co Collagen come from?
Our collagen is ethically sourced and of Bovine origin. It is also halal and kosher certified.
Why is collagen important for the body?
Collagen is a protein responsible for many processes in the body and can be found in our hair, nails, skin and joints. As we age, our bodies start to produce it in lower amounts. With less collagen, you will experience inflammation, joint pain, sagging skin, wrinkles and decreased muscle tone. Supplementation is a great way to keep these symptoms at bay and live a healthy lifestyle.
I’m a pregnant/breastfeeding mom, is your Collagen Creamer safe for me and my baby?
Of course! Many of our pregnant and breastfeeding mamas find our Collagen Creamer an easy and delicious way to bump up their collagen intake. As always, we know that no two journeys are ever the same so please speak to your doctor before you use any nutritional supplements.
Is your Collagen Creamer safe for children?
Whilst our Collagen Creamer is safe for children, they certainly don’t need it. With youth on their side, their natural collagen levels need no supplementation. (We know, we’re jealous too…)


Why is protein important for the body?
Our bodies use protein to build and repair different types of tissues. It’s also used to make hormones, enzymes and other chemicals too. As a building block of your skin, bones, blood, cartilage and muscles, it’s vital that we get enough daily protein to stay healthy and active.
Would my Noa & Co Replenishing Protein be a great meal replacement?
On its own, it makes a great snack but should you be looking to make it a meal, we suggest a power-packed smoothie or smoothie bowl. Make your own by blending our Replenishing Protein with your favourite additions. We love using oats, frozen banana, berries and even dates to create a balanced, nutrient-dense meal.
Is your Replenishing Protein safe for children?
Our protein powders are safe for children and the addition of probiotics will certainly benefit little tummies. As always, every child is different so we suggest talking to your family doctor.